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​Miropre release _

2017,9,1 (fri) → 3 (sun) ​


Nozomi Ota

Norizumi Suzuki (Madame Gold Duo)


Nozomi Ota

Kaori Okumura (Tropical)  

Suzue Kanazawa

Keiko Koike (Kirin Bazuuka)

Kota Goto (Zero Company) * Only on the 2nd and 3rd

Norizumi Suzuki (Madame Gold Duo) * 3 days only

Hiroaki Suda

Kaori Takeshita (tsumazuki no ishi)

Nao Nekota (tsumazuki no ishi) * 2nd and 3rd only

Akira Haga (Tropical) * 1st and 2nd only

* Mr. Juri Takagi, who is scheduled to appear on Saturday, 2nd,

Due to the circumstances of the organizer, it is no longer possible to appear in this event. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to the customers who were looking forward to it and all the people concerned. Thank you for your understanding. very sorry.

Tickets will not be refunded for this matter. Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

Nozomi Ota, presided over by Miro

​ Price: A peek ¥ 300

about miro​

Miro Local Rule 

Please take a peek at each other.


During the opening hours, the actors will have frequent breaks.

If there are 3 consecutive appearance offers, we may take a rest for the 4th time.
The appearance status of the actor you are looking for is a room attendant or

Please check at.

Please note that the order of the plays may change accordingly.

Since Miro is a theater vending machine, tickets are not issued, but seats can be reserved to alleviate congestion.

If you email us your "desired time" and "name", we will prepare an adjustment seat.

If there is a line at the venue on the day of the performance, please do not line up as it is, but first tell the receptionist your name to the effect of reservation. Please come to the venue at least 10 minutes before the reservation time. If you do not arrive after the start time, it will be considered as cancellation and your reservation may be cancelled. Please come with plenty of time.

* It seems to be tedious, but the maximum number of seats is 1 for each stage.

We have more than 110 stages in total during the 3-day session,

There are only 110 tickets.

We recommend that you make an early reservation.

* Same-day tickets will be issued slightly, but it is expected that you will have to wait a considerable amount of time as we will give priority to customers who make reservations.

If you plan to visit the peep room, please make a reservation before you come to the venue.

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