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Peep Room Theater Miro's first workshop! !!

Do you want to take a peek at the peep room? Would you like to be peeked out? ~


Peep room You can experience the appearance and the back side of the play in a short time.

It is a workshop.


Peep Room Theater Milo is looking for new encounters.

The peep room drama that gained popularity in ZOKKY actually has a history of 18 years.

Starting with the Madame Gold Duo, we have recently held a movable booth to expand the range of activities.

In the future, I would like to carry a peep room outside of Tokyo and perform more and more!

Therefore, Miro is looking for performers, writers, and other people who will liven up the peep room theater!

Of course, we are also looking for customers!

However, most people don't know what it's like and can't take a step, and most people don't know how interesting it is.

This time, we will hold a workshop where you can experience the back side of the peep room theater.


① Outline explanation and demonstration of the peep room play

② "Try to be peeked" (check the video to see how it looked)

③ "Peek" ... Only when two people participate, and when one person, repeat ②!


④ Question / opinion time

The total time is about 45 minutes, and one or two people will do it to prevent new coronavirus infections.

We accept one set per hour with a ventilation and disinfection time of 15 minutes.

[Date and time]

Between 11:00 and 20:00 on Saturday, July 17th and Sunday, July 18th, 2021

* About 45 minutes each time

* Basically one person will participate in each session. Up to 2 people

* Please tell us your preference regarding the start time.



Shimokitazawa Reading Cafe Pikaichi (102 Sunny High Mart 102, 1-40-11 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)

【Application method】

Please specify the following and apply by email to

Subject: "Wish to participate in WS"
1. Name / Furigana

2. Contact information (phone number / email address)
3. Desired participation date and time


* Please write your request, such as specifying only the date or wanting it to end by XX o'clock.



Hope from 14:00 on the 17th

Either day is fine, but I want you to finish by 13:00.

Between 16:00 and 19:00 on the 18th.

Please let us know your wishes.


4. Others ・ Please feel free to write.

* You can do anything about yourself or any questions.

We will send you a reception email after you apply.

Please set it so that you can receive emails from .

【Entry fee】
Around 500 yen (The venue will be a cafe, so please order one drink)

[Application deadline] July 16, 2021 23:59

<Other precautions, etc.>

We will also take measures against infection, but please wear a mask and be in good physical condition.


[Inquiries / Peep Room Theater Miro WEB site, etc.]
mail /

phone / 090-7241-4952

Web /



It's such a time, but with you, a new way to enjoy theater

I hope you can think about it.

Please come by all means. We are waiting for your application.

Nozomi Room Theater Miro Ota Nozomi

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