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Miro volume.1

2018.10.27 sat / 28 sun

10: 00-16: 00 Canceled in case of rain

Koenji Festival 2018

Koenji Kita Park "Inside the Koenji Craft Park"



Kaori Takeshita (tsumazuki no ishi) * 28th only

Nozomi Ota

Hiromi Wakasa

​ Kota Goto

Chihiro Moezuka (Unaccompanied △ Suite)

​Aya Shinohara * 27th only

Room attendant

Megumi Nozaki (Chromium Molybdenum)


Please take a peek at each other.
During the opening hours, the actors will have frequent breaks.
The appearance status of the actor you are looking for is a room attendant
Please check with.
As a result, the order of the plays may change.
note that.
Please come to the venue at least 5 minutes before your reservation time.
If you do not come after the start time
We will consider it as a cancellation and cancel the reservation.
There may be cases.
​ The maximum number of seats in each stage is 1.
Over 120 stages in total for 2 days
We have prepared, but in terms of the number of tickets
There are only 120 sheets .
We recommend that you make an early reservation.
We will issue a small number of same-day tickets,
Since customers who make reservations will be given priority,
Please wait a considerable amount of time
It is expected that you made a reservation.
I hope you can come to the venue
This performance is an outdoor performance. In case of rain,
It will be canceled at the discretion of the organizer secretariat.
Reservations for the day after cancellation will be cancelled.
We will inform you on our homepage or Twitter.
Thank you for your confirmation.
Monopolize your own play!
Koenji Kita Park
3-20-15 Koenjikita, Suginami-ku
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